Or else! :(

I've been attending a new congregation of late. I am slow to warm up to such things. Slower even than I'd like, but I think maybe the pace is healthy. It was validated recently as I brought my family to a service there. I supposed it was time to step out a bit, but then it was time to step right back. 

Propositionally, I suppose a significant amount of it checked out, but, there a few big things you really want get right from a pulpit. If the dude didn't outright judge the congregation because of its smaller size, he did everything but. I was surprised, but then it got worse, with him rubbing their noses in it and warning of them sternly about an accounting they were going to have to give for it (?!). Then, without so much as a mic drop, he stopped. Right there. No grace. No: "Except for Jesus. In him, we're all forgiven, even for This!" Nadda. The forgiven got a guilt trip and a heavy duty to perform (or else!) rather than renewed appreciation for the grace they enjoy and revived eagerness to share what they've found.

I don't have time to go to Ted-talks nd such to chew on life. (Although, I did see this one online and  liked it enough to immediately watch it again.) Still, a Sunday "meal" should serve better than a regular talk. Well, that day I was late. Maybe I missed something in the first few minutes that would have made sense of everything. Maybe not. Anyway, I hadn't heard many of that guy's sermons, and as it turns out, he resigned, so maybe there's hope yet.

WLC on the Atonement

Dr. Craig as been about a historical philosophical and theological study of the atonement. weekly he posts videos from his home study about what he has been pondering that week on the matter. I have enjoyed it, so I am sharing the first video (about 10 minutes each). The videos do lean on each other heavily so I wouldn't skip ahead.

If you are inclined to skip ahead for the time being, he has a related and rather distilled presentation of about 30 minutes here: