People are busy.

I am too busy. I have college. I also have my kids, including twins on the way. We have been more actively pursuing options regarding schooling as the kids get older. That has been a great, fun, and involved project. Being married to someone who studied education a great deal (and not being all together unexperienced myself) (double negative intentional) :) makes it an enjoyable and interesting subject.

Besides that and all the dailies of life in general, I am intentional about spending QT with the kids, and of course knowing them is already wonderful. It is only sad when I remember how little they will remember of these times. Upon reading this, my mother would immediately jump to add that there will be more, and she is would be right of course. Did I mention the wife is pregnant?

There have been multiple other projects that seem to serve as mere distractions, but as one buddy from way back recently said bout his own situation, maybe God is playing Mr. Miyagi and teaching me great things through seemingly mundane involved and distracting tasks. (Probably more than efficiency, anyway.) Added to that are the stresses of people who do business in a way that would make Carnegie cringe, and I could go on. (People who can't complain aren't trying hard enough.) But, getting to the point...

I am too busy. One neighbor and friend is an elderly lady, and she has cancer. Another is constantly being taken advantage of because of his mental situation. Another is a good kid but also a teenager of a single mom who even I find it difficult to respect, and he could really use some prayer right now. I'd like to be there more for the lady whose cheerful presentation in her illness seems a credit to her character and to her faith, to do more for the kid and for the pliable gentle giant. Friends of family constitute whole other theaters in which I would like to help, encourage. Old friends are another.

I am too busy. (I am finite but still.) I am not alone in this.