Be different.

(Thinkin out loud, been processing something. A dude posted some dumb meme that implied all who disagreed wiyh a very specific public policy were anti-biblical. Apparently bible-thumping isn't just for fundies anymore.)

I care about you. & I care about the hurt you reinforce.
I care about folks manipulated, bible beaten brute-force.

Your meme is pretext-stamped and ready go.
Other interpretations are too many (or strong), so:
"You're against the bible!" It's all they need to know, huh?

To be fair,
Anti-intellectualism has been around a long time.
Superficiality like that is quite normalized.
But, then again,
Surface-level interpretation remains the main show
bc it keeps in circulation- via stuff like your post!

For MANY, real and life-saving reads
Are off their horizons of possibilities.
A board fires the pastor for Eschatology,
A needless refusal of life-saving remedy
A boy loses Christmas, every holiday with presents
Just to grow up, convert, and then lose his parents.

Read for yourself, offer a take,
But a pretext doesn't, a policy, make.
You wanna make a difference or changes, reforms?
Don't reinforce anti-intellectual norms.